Underwater Vehicles

Experience seamless integration and enhanced capabilities with Tritech’s range of sensors designed for underwater vehicles. Our sensors have been trusted and integrated by vehicle manufacturers for years, empowering users with reliable target location, identification, inspection, and navigation capabilities, especially in challenging visibility conditions.

At Tritech, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive support throughout the integration process, ensuring a positive and streamlined experience for the end users of their new ROV or AUV.

Choose from our wide range of sensors suitable for various vehicle sizes and applications, and explore some of our most popular products for vehicle integration listed below:

Micron Gemini

With greatly improved image quality, a 90 horizontal field of view, and a 50m range, the Micron Gemini offers cost-effective obstacle avoidance and navigation for small ROVs and AUVs.


Gemini 1200ik

The Gemini 1200ik is a powerful addition to the renowned Gemini range of sonar systems. It offers two operational frequencies, allowing users to switch between low and high frequencies depending on their requirements.


Gemini 720ik

The Gemini 720ik is a real-time, high-frequency multibeam imaging sonar. Utilising Tritech’s advanced processing electronics, at 1m range the sonar offers a world-class 97Hz update rate to produce high-quality, video-like imagery.


Gemini 720is

Experience the industry-leading Gemini 720is multibeam imaging sonar, designed for WROVs, ROVs, and AUVs. This cutting-edge sonar system provides high-definition, real-time sonar images for a wide range of applications.


Micron Gemini

Experience the cutting-edge technology of the Micron Gemini, our latest addition to the Tritech sonar suite. Launched in 2022, this compact and lightweight sonar offers seamless integration and minimal impact on vehicle payload, while delivering real-time, clear imaging for optimal navigation. With its cost-effective design, the Micron Gemini serves as an ideal upgrade from small mechanical scanning sonars like the Micron Sonar.

The Micron Gemini has gained significant popularity among users of inspection class ROVs, micro ROVs, and mini ROVs. One of its standout features is the built-in pressure sensor, providing users with depth, pressure, and temperature readings alongside the sonar image,  Additionally, an optional attitude heading reference system (AHRS) is available for enhanced functionality.

Featuring a 90° horizontal field of view, 50m range, 128 beams, and an impressive angular resolution of 0.7°, the Micron Gemini is a preferred choice for vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

Gemini 720ik & 1200ik

Unlock the full potential of underwater imaging with the Gemini 720ik and 1200ik multibeam sonars. These long-established multibeam imaging sonars have earned global recognition for their outstanding video-like imagery and effortless installation. Whether you require precise target identification, accurate location, or reliable navigation, the Gemini 720ik and 1200ik have consistently remained popular choices for over a decade.

In response to evolving needs, we introduced the Gemini 1200ik in 2019. This dual-frequency sonar offers a unique combination of low and high frequencies, empowering users to efficiently locate and navigate towards targets with the low frequency while obtaining high-definition, video-like imagery for close inspections using the high frequency. To further streamline your operations, the Gemini 1200ik will soon be available with AHRS, eliminating the need for additional sensors and payload on ROVs and AUVs.

Immerse yourself in the versatility and advanced capabilities of the Gemini 720ik and 1200ik, revolutionizing underwater exploration and inspection with unparalleled imaging quality and simplified integration.

Gemini 720is

Unleash the unmatched capabilities of the Gemini 720is, the industry-standard sonar trusted by Workclass ROVS (WROV) operators. With its exceptional reliability and robustness, this single-frequency multi-beam imaging sonar is purpose-built for seamless integration with ROV and WROV systems. Designed with versatility in mind, the Gemini 720is offers a range of housing options and depth ratings to ensure optimal protection in diverse applications.

Experience an expansive 120-degree field of view (with a 10-degree tilt) and an impressive update rate of 30Hz, enabling unparalleled performance in challenging visibility conditions. Operating at a frequency of 720 kHz and equipped with an integrated sound velocity sensor, the Gemini 720is delivers unparalleled clarity and precise ranging, capturing detailed and accurate images. Its easy installation on various underwater platforms, such as ROVs, AUVs, and other systems, is facilitated by Ethernet of VSDL communications. Additionally, the compact size of the Gemini 720is allows for flexible deployment using a pole-mount assembly (customer supplied).

Step into a world of reliability and advanced imaging capabilities with the Gemini 720is, revolutionizing your underwater operations with enhanced visibility and precision. With its proven track record and unmatched performance, the Gemini 720is sets the gold standard for sonar technology in Workclass ROVs.


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