Micron - Mechanical Scanning Sonar (Small ROV)

Micron Sonar


  • Full software functionality
  • True acoustic zoom
  • Instant scan reversal and sector scan options


  • Micro sonar under 80mm in height!
  • Digital CHIRP system
  • Forward looking sonar, 360° sonar and sector scan sonar modes
  • Inverted mode sonar operation


  • Small ROV obstacle avoidance sonar
  • Small ROV target recognition sonar
  • AUV guidance

Product Datasheet

The Tritech Micron Sonar is the smallest digital CHIRP sonar in the world and is ideal for use by small ROVs, as a first-rate obstacle avoidance sonar in miniature form.

CHIRP technology dramatically improves the range resolution compared with conventional scanning sonars – it is a feature normally associated with much larger, more expensive systems.

As part of Tritech’s SeaKing range of mechanical imaging sonars, in addition to boasting CHIRP technology, the Micron also utilises Digital Sonar Technology (DST) to offer exceptional clarity and resolution – a feature normally associated with much larger, more expensive systems.

The Micron DST Sonar can be controlled by a customer supplied PC equipped with Tritech AIF card or laptop equipped with the Tritech Seahub, configured for either RS232 or RS485 protocols. The sonar has a standard auxiliary port to allow it to interface with other Tritech sensors.

Tritech’s SeaKing range of mechanical imaging sonars comprises the SeaKing Hammerhead, Super SeaKing, Super SeaPrince and Micron sonars. All products in the SeaKing family (or third-party products within the ARCNET communications link or RS232. RS485 as Tritech’s SCU has 4 independent ports which can be configured to those comms.), can be run simultaneously, using the same processor and display; such as Tritech’s Surface Control Unit (SCU) or a customer supplied PC or laptop.