RAMS® - Real-Time Asset Integrity Monitoring for FPSOs

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RAMS® is an ATEX compliant 360° mooring line and riser integrity monitoring system for Floating Production Storage and Offloading Units (FPSOs) and Floating Liquid Natural Gas vessels (FLNGs).

RAMS® is a dual-function real time integrity monitoring system monitoring the presence, integrity and position of mooring lines, risers and bend stiffeners 24/7 from a single sonar head* deployed beneath the vessel, providing full asset integrity monitoring without the need for additional sensors fitted to each line.

Deployed through the FPSO turret, the RAMS® sonar provides simultaneous real-time feedback on the status of all lines.

RAMS® incorporates a unique beam steerable transmitter that allows the system to be configured on installation to ensure the optimum sonar return from the mooring lines and risers and to provide 100% target detection and reliability.

Unlike other mooring line monitoring systems, Tritech’s RAMS® technology is suitable for long-term deployment capability as it has no mechanical moving parts and does not require batteries or cables from the mooring lines or risers to the turrets, resulting in a very reliable and easy to maintain system.

Continuous data recording allows for detailed data export for offline trend and fatigue analysis.


* Additional sonar heads may be required to see all targets depending on diameter and configuration of turret.

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