AnchorZip 10 - Heavy Duty Suction Anchor Pump

Industry Sectors:

Energy, Engineering, Survey, Underwater Vehicles

The AnchorZip 10 is a heavy-duty suction anchor pump designed for work vehicles able to produce 25 HP of hydraulic power.

The AnchorZip 10 is a unique product that incorporates many technical advances developed from several years of producing and operating Tritech’s industry-standard range of ROV mounted jetting and excavation systems.

The AnchorZip 10 is specifically designed for ROV deployment and will interface with most work ROV hydraulic systems. ROV fitted with the new AnchorZip 10 pump will offer a very quick and cost-effective way of installing and removing suction anchors. Output pressures may be regulated to ensure that differential pressures remain within the structural limits of all types of suction anchors. Flow reversal for anchor recovery is cleverly and simply achieved by sliding the motor and top assembly from the input to the output side of the centrifugal pump.

AnchorZip 10 pumps of other pressure and flow capacities can be built to order. Electrically powered systems are also available on request.


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