Gemini Sonar Interface Units

Choose the optimal interface for your Gemini multibeam imaging sonar with our versatile Gemini Sonar Interface Units, available in Ethernet or VDSL communication protocols.


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Gemini Sonar Interface Units

Unlock the full potential of your Gemini multibeam imaging sonar with Tritech’s versatile Gemini Sonar Interface Units. These interface units are specifically designed to support the Ethernet or VDSL communication protocols, providing topside connectivity to your Gemini Sonar system.

The Gemini Sonar Interface Units offer a range of benefits, simplifying the installation process for the sonar. Each interface unit comes complete with AC to DC power adaptors, a deck/test cable, and connector tails, ensuring a convenient and efficient system installation.

For installations where the DC power required to operate the Gemini sonar is readily available (such as typical ROV setups), the basic VDSL and Ethernet interface units are suitable. The interface units can also be used for bench testing the Gemini sonar using the included test cable and AC to DC power adaptor.

In cases where a remote power supply is required and not available locally to the sonar, the 72VDC VDSL interface unit is the ideal choice. This configuration allows the Gemini to be powered and operated over an extended stand-alone interconnect cable, facilitating both power and VDSL communication.

Choose the Gemini Sonar Interface Units for seamless integration, simplified installation, and expanded operational capabilities with your Gemini multibeam imaging sonar system.


Manuals, Datasheets, Software, etc.

Gemini Sonar Interface Units (PDF 273 KB)


Genesis v1.7.3.76 (MSI 163 MB)
Seanet Pro v2.25 (590) Standard (ZIP 54 MB)


72V VDSL Sonar Interface Unit (PDF 1 MB)

STEP Files

VDSL Sonar Interface Unit – p/n S08802 (ZIP 1 MB)

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