SeaKing Topside Interface

Experience seamless integration and simplified connectivity with the SeaKing Topside Interface, eliminating the requirement for separate power supplies and communication interfaces when utilizing Tritech SeaKing sensors configured for RS485 communication.


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SeaKing Topside Interface

Experience enhanced convenience and streamlined connectivity with the SeaKing Topside Interface. This innovative solution eliminates the need for separate power supplies and communication interfaces when utilizing SeaKing sensors configured for RS485 communication.

The SeaKing Topside Interface features a versatile power input option, supporting both 110-240 VAC and 12-36 VDC. With a 72V DC output, it enables voltage drop compensation over long cables. Thanks to the wide voltage range of the latest Tritech SeaKing sensors, there is no risk of applying excessive power to your sensor.

Within this compact unit, the RS485 signal from the sensor is efficiently converted to a USB signal, allowing direct connection to your computer for seamless data transmission.

As an all-in-one solution, the SeaKing Topside Interface is included as part of the Hammerhead Mechanical Scanning Sonar system. It replaces the previous topside interface, which had limited cable length capabilities due to its lower voltage output.

Discover a simplified and integrated solution with the SeaKing Topside Interface, empowering you with reliable connectivity and optimized performance.


Manuals, Datasheets, Software, etc.

SeaKing Topside Interface (PDF 204 KB)


Seanet Pro v2.25 (590) Standard (ZIP 54 MB)


Seaking Hammerhead (PDF 7 MB)

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