Mechanical & Hydraulic Pumps

AnchorZip 10

Introducing the AnchorZip 10, a robust suction anchor pump specifically designed for work vehicles with the capacity to generate 25 HP of hydraulic power. Experience the unmatched performance and reliability of this heavy-duty solution.



Introducing the Tritech Merlin dredge pump, the successor to our Excalibur pump and a testament to innovation and enhanced performance. With improved design features, a smaller and lighter build, and enhanced robustness, the Merlin pump sets a new standard in dredging power, ranging from 35 h.p. to 60 h.p. 


Super ZipJet

Discover the exceptional capabilities of the Tritech Super ZipJet ROV Dredge Pump. Engineered as a next-generation solution, the Super ZipJet surpasses the renowned Tritech ZipJet Ultra range of suction jetting systems, delivering unparalleled power and versatility.


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