Diver Mounted Display (DMD)

Enhanced for zero visibility conditions, the Tritech Diver Mounted Display (DMD) system empowers divers with superior navigation capabilities and efficient inspection capabilities.


Defense Diving

Designed specifically for zero visibility conditions, the Tritech Diver Mounted Display (DMD) system revolutionizes diver navigation and inspection capabilities. With the versatile Gemini range of Multibeam imaging sonars, divers can select the most suitable sonar for their specific operation.

For basic navigation needs, the Micron Gemini, the world’s smallest Multibeam imaging sonar, enables divers to locate large structures or objects in zero visibility water.

When higher resolution is required, divers can choose the Gemini 720ik or Gemini 1200ik Multibeam imaging sonar. These advanced sonars offer increased range, resolution, and field of view, instilling divers with confidence and efficiency during zero visibility conditions. Traditional search pattern techniques are surpassed, ensuring efficient searches and accurate results.

The DMD systems are seamlessly compatible with the Inodive accessory rail system, enabling integration with a wide range of dive masks and helmets. When supplied with a DMD system, each Gemini sonar features an Inodive interface for easy and hassle-free installation onto dive masks or helmets.


Manuals, Datasheets, Software, etc.

Diver Mounted Display (DMD) (PDF 990 KB)
Product Guide 2023 1 (PDF 3 MB)


DMD Tethered (PDF 2 MB)
DMD Un-Tethered (PDF 2 MB)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is the Micron Gemini compatible with the Diver Mounted Display?
Absolutely! The Micron Gemini is fully compatible and seamlessly integrated with the Diver Mounted Display system, providing divers with enhanced navigation and inspection capabilities even in zero visibility conditions.
2. What distinguishes the Gemini 720ik and the Gemini 1200ik?
 The Gemini 1200ik is an advanced dual-frequency variant of the Gemini 720ik. While the Gemini 720ik operates at a frequency of 720kHz, the Gemini 1200ik offers the additional capability of operating at 1200kHz for close inspection. The higher frequency is particularly beneficial for close-range inspections, enabling divers to obtain incredibly detailed multibeam images with exceptional clarity and precision.

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Gemini 720ik

The Gemini 720ik is a real-time, high-frequency multibeam imaging sonar. Utilising Tritech’s advanced processing electronics, at 1m range the sonar offers a world-class 97Hz update rate to produce high-quality, video-like imagery.


Micron Gemini

With greatly improved image quality, a 90 horizontal field of view, and a 50m range, the Micron Gemini offers cost-effective obstacle avoidance and navigation for small ROVs and AUVs.


Gemini 1200ik

The Gemini 1200ik is a powerful addition to the renowned Gemini range of sonar systems. It offers two operational frequencies, allowing users to switch between low and high frequencies depending on their requirements.


MicronNav 200

Introducing the MicronNav 200, Tritech's cutting-edge Ultra Short Base Line (USBL) positioning system. Engineered specifically for small vehicles and diver-supporting applications, this advanced system sets a new standard in precision and reliability.


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