MicronNav 200

Introducing the MicronNav 200, Tritech’s cutting-edge Ultra Short Base Line (USBL) positioning system. Engineered specifically for small vehicles and diver-supporting applications, this advanced system sets a new standard in precision and reliability.


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MicronNav 200

Experience the advanced capabilities of the MicronNav 200, Tritech’s latest generation Ultra Short Base Line (USBL) positioning system. Designed specifically for small vehicles and diver-supporting applications, this cutting-edge system introduces a new level of precision and reliability.

The MicronNav 200 offers a range of new features to enhance your underwater operations. It enables data transfer interleaved with USBL positioning, integrates seamlessly with software Google Maps™ software, incorporates a smaller and more accurate USBL head, and is compatible with the new Micron Battery Modem.

Comprising a subsea Micron Modem or Micron Battery Modem, a surface USBL transducer with an integrated magnetic compass and pitch/roll sensors, a surface MicronNav 200 interface hub, and customized operating software controlled by a topside PC/laptop, the MicronNav 200 system provides a comprehensive solution.

Utilizing spread spectrum acoustic technology, the MicronNav 200 ensures robust communication between the dunking transducer and the vehicle Micron Modem / Micron Battery Modem. The USBL transducer offers 180-degree hemispherical coverage below the transducer, enabling precise vehicle tracking even in shallow water. The Micron Modem and Micron Battery Modem provide omnidirectional coverage for seamless operation.

The Micron Modem serves as a versatile stand-alone device that can either respond to acoustic interrogation from the USBL head in transponder mode or is triggered by RS232 / RS485 in responder mode via the main port. The responder trigger can come from the auxiliary port on the Micron Modem or the MicronNav 200 interface hub.

Switching seamlessly from positioning mode to data transfer mode, both the Micron Modem / Micron Battery Modem allow you to establish underwater acoustic communication using the same hardware.

Choose the MicronNav 200 for advanced underwater positioning and communication capabilities, ensuring precision, efficiency, and versatility in your operations.


Manuals, Datasheets, Software, etc.

MicronNav 200 (PDF 804 KB)


Genesis v1.7.3.76 (MSI 163 MB)


MicronNav 200 – Hardware (PDF 902 KB)
MicronNav 200 – Software (PDF 2 MB)


Genesis – Supported Interface Strings and File Formats (PDF 417 KB)

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