Accurate Timestamping for a Gemini Profiler Survey System

Industry Sectors:

Energy, Engineering, Survey, Underwater Vehicles

The Tritech Gemini Hub has been specifically designed to provide an excellent platform for the integration of a Gemini 620pd profiling sonar along with other subsea sensors.

The Gemini Hub allows quick and easy integration and system building. Housed in a standard low profile rack-mountable chassis, the Gemini Hub is ideal for use alongside an existing IT infrastructure and is straightforward to connect through its use of a standard Ethernet output. The use of efficient and low power components throughout also means that overall system power requirements are kept to a minimum, whilst maximizing the availability of connection options.

The unit is able to accept two Ethernet Gemini 620pd profiling sonars as standard (VDSL option also available) and also data from up to 8 RS232 sensors, such as attitude, heading, or motion sensors. GPS data can be handled through its own dedicated BNC port. There is also the option for powering devices through the communications port using a single cable.

The Tritech Gemini Hub unit is the ideal partner to the Gemini 620pd profiling sonar allowing the survey data to be accurately timestamped; allowing the integration of data from multiple sensors and providing a convenient single Ethernet output (to connect to an existing IT infrastructure) the Gemini Hub is an ideal addition to any survey system.

NB the manual download is for the Gemini 620pd as this product is part of that system.


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