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Engineering, Underwater Vehicles

The P-Sea underwater console is a subsea computer system designed to provide divers with a real-time interface to the range of Tritech imaging sonars.

Power is supplied to the P-Sea via subsea battery packs capable of providing 24VDC. The P-Sea itself consumes 30W.

Sensors and other external peripherals can be interfaced with the P-Sea through the units two serial ports (one set to RS232 and the other set to RS485). A USB port is also provided to aid the transfer of logged data from the P-Sea to compatible storage devices.

The P-Sea runs a Windows® 10 embedded operating system and is optimised to run the Gemini software for display and logging of Gemini multibeam imaging sonar data.

A 7″ LCD display with a native resolution of 1024 x 768 ensures the diver is able to clearly interpret the sonar data as well as other sensor inputs that are being displayed.


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