SeaNet SCU V5 - Surface Control Unit

Industry Sectors:

Energy, Engineering, Survey, Underwater Vehicles

The successful SCU V4 processor has been upgraded to provide the latest performance capabilities available from PC technology.

The Seanet SCU V5 provides a reliable, rugged, and easy-to-install replacement to the SCU V4, it has been designed as a robust 19″ rack mount unit with floated shock mount sub-assemblies for maximum reliability.

A high-speed 156kBits/sec communication system is used within the Seanet SCU, allowing a full suite of Tritech sensors to be operated over a single twisted pair or, by utilizing the Tritech MultiComm, over an RS232 / Fibre-Optic interface. Each device connected to the Seanet SCU runs, in real-time, in its own onscreen window. The monitor display may be varied to show single or multiple windows and this can be altered at any time during normal operations. This multiple-sensor capability provides obvious cost benefits as well as reduces the space requirement for consoles in the control room.

The Seanet SCU is a multi-tasking control unit running under an embedded Microsoft Windows XP operating system installed on a solid-state Flash disk. Fitted with a ‘LAN card’ the SeaNet SCU provides easy access to data storage and data transfer.

The Seanet SCU retains the use of the industry’s favorite Remote Access Terminal (RAT) a feature of the SCU V4. The RAT provides full control of the SeaNet SCU and its ergonomically designed layout ensures that all functions are well-placed and easy to use. The built-in mini-joystick on the RAT provides a useful tool for carrying out the range and bearing measurements on sonar data. If preferred the RAT may be detached from the SeaNet SCU processor allowing it to be operated from a more desirable location.


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