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Horizontal Profiling

APPLICATION: Horizontal Profiling Goes a Long Way

The Horizontal Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler

Installed on a river, in an estuary, or in a port, the H-ADCP can give a full horizontal profile of the current, covering considerable range in up to 128 different measurements.

…over 200 meters in Denmark’s first H-ADCP installation, to be exact. DHI Water and Environment is featuring their Horizontal current profiling measurement project in Lillebaelt, Denmark on their website as “using the well proven acoustic Doppler technology for horizontal mapping.”

The rugged RDI 3-beam unit is mounted on a bridge piling and pointed across the navigation channel toward another bridge piling over 200m away. Data is collected and uploaded to DHI’s website in half-hour increments. All the benefits of traditional RDI products are used in this implementation: RDI’s horizontal unit provides the narrowest beamwidth possible for the longest ranges, and the multiple bin configuration gives far more information about the river flow than other systems. In addition, the 3-beam configuration provides quality assurance information on readings, as well as data redundancy in case a beam is blocked by river traffic.

H-ADCP in action

Three beams aimed across the river show the river flow (arrows), giving the classic RDI safeguards users have come to expect: data quality assurance measures and the data redundancy so valuable in important installations.

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