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Product Selection Guide: Measurements to 1000 Meters

Teledyne RDI’s ADCP Product for Current Measurements down to 1000 Meters:

Ocean Observer ADCP (00 38 KHz)

OO field service

OO field illustration

The Ocean Observer 38 kHz (OO38) ADCP is the ultimate in ADCP technology, capable of the longest profiling range ever achieved.

The OO38 is typically suspended beneath the platform, and is readily capable of measuring the current structure down to depths of 1000 m or more. With the OO38 the current structure affecting subsurface equipment in the top 1000 m of the water column can be monitored in real time ñ providing information required for go/no-go decision-making on riser safety and ROV deployments. Several offshore platforms are already equipped with OO38s, contact us for references.


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