Fibre cable, single mode, Kevlar – Type 3409/B

Fibre cable, single mode, Kevlar - Type 3409/B

Construction characteristics

Centre fill: Aramidic yarn

Optical fibres: Single mode 9/125/245 µm optical fibres in unitube, 1.7 mm diameter (4 each)
Fibre colours: red, white, green, white

Inner jacket: Polyurethane jacket

Strength member: Kevlar braiding

Outer jacket: Polyurethane jacket, red

Mechanical characteristics

Diameter: 9.10 mm ±0.20 mm

Weight in air: 90 kg/km nom

Weight in seawater: 23 kg/km nom

Min. breaking strength: 2.5 kN

Min. bending radius, static: 110 mm

Min. bending radius, dynamic: 145 mm

Depth rating: 3,000 m

Electrical characteristics

Optical, trans massive and dimensional characteristics in accordance with ITU-T G652

Max. attenuation: 0.40 dB/km at 1,300 nm
0.25 dB/km at 1,550 nm

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Fibre cable, single mode, Kevlar – Type 3409 B

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