Metal Subsurface Pressure Housings

Billings Industries provides a line of subsurface pressure cases which are designed to house a variety of underwater instrumentation for use in the oceanographic, offshore, environmental monitoring, and fishing industries.

Each housing is fabricated of high quality, non-corrosive materials and is carefully inspected for finish quality, seal integrity and instrumentation alignment. Also, all of our standard instrument housings are hydrostatically pressure tested to the specified operating depth prior to shipment.

A line of standard model diameters with customer specified lengths are available to fulfill a wide range of applications including a spherical, self buoyant housing. In addition to customer supplied feedthroughs, Billings offers a variety of switches, ports, and penetrators to perform many underwater applications including camera and video imaging, data acquisition, ROV equipment and sensors, etc. Also, a complete design and fabrication capability is available for custom housing applications.


  • Fabricated of non-corrosive materials
  • Pressure tested prior to shipment
  • Available in a range of model diameters and lengths


  • Electrical connector feedthroughs
  • Hydraulic feedthroughs
  • Optical domes
  • Pressure activated switches
  • Interior mounting chasis and fixtures
  • Exterior mounting clamps and bands
  • Syntactic foam flotation collars

Pressure Housing

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