BIRNS Millennium 3X

The BIRNS Millennium 3X is an exceptional connector for extremely large and demanding applications, available with almost any combination of contacts. The 3X can be supplied for high-voltage, high-current, and/or electromechanical use (to 3 tons).

In fact, an electromechanical BIRNS Millennium 3X with 186 conductors (130:22, 3:20, 52:16, 1:10) was used on the Pioneer robot sent into Chernobyl nuclear power station The Pioneer needed a cable assembly with 6000 lbs. of load strength in any direction so the robot could be pulled out by the cable if necessary. A special high-load-bearing flange receptacle (FR) was designed with 12 bolts to withstand the potential 3 tons of pressure in any direction.

A 40A/2.5kV 3X with 38 conductors (4:20, 12:16, 22:8) was used on a high-voltage, high-power towed military device, on steel-armored electromechanical tow cable.

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