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Brock Rosenthal

Brock Rosenthal – President

With a passion for marine technology and a commitment ot customer satisfaction, Brock Rosenthal founded Ocean Innovations in 1993. His goal has always been to guide customers through the vast array of marine technology products, providing optimal solutions within the constraints of time and budget.

Drawing from his extensive hands-on experience with various equipment and the cables systems, Brock has developed a deep understanding of the industry. He is well-versed in the intricacies of connecting and integrating different components.

Brock has actively contributed to the Marine Technology Society, serving in various roles at both the local and national levels. In recognition of his outstanding service, he was elected a Fellow of the Society in 2011. Furthermore, Mr. Rosenthal has completed courses at the esteemed Scripps Institution of Oceanography and holds degrees from UCSD and UCLA.

Feel free to reach out to Brock and the Ocean Innovations team for all your marine technology needs. They are dedicated to providing exceptional solutions and ensuring your satisfaction.

Tel: (858) 454-4044

Sheila Johnson

Sheila Johnson – Vice President

Bringing a diverse skill set to Ocean Innovations, Sheila Johnson serves as the company’s CFO, web designer, and manages vendor relationships and key customer accounts. With a background in computer science and a track record of tackling new challenges head-on, Sheila is an exceptional problem solver and valuable asset to Ocean Innovations.

In addition to her role at Ocean Innovations, Sheila also held the position of Treasurer for MTS San Diego (Marine Technology Society) from 2014 through 2018, and then as Vice Chair from 2018 through 2020. Her commitment to the industry and her dedication to excellence further enhance her abilities to serve customers and meet their needs.

Sheila’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Mathematics, with an emphasis in Scientific Programming, from the University of California, San Diego. Additionally, she holds a master’s degree in Administration from Central Michigan University.

For all your marine technology requirements, Sheila and the Ocean Innovations team are here to assist you. With her expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, she ensures that your experience with Ocean Innovations is exceptional.

Tel: (858) 454-4044
Cell: (858) 922-5752


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