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MC-800 Multi Corer

The Deep-Sea Multi-Corer is the largest corer in the MC series and is used primarily at deep ocean depths. Model MC-800 carries eight sample tubes with an effective penetration of greater than 45 cm. Standard features include:

  • a specially designed flow-through sample tube to reduce corer “bow wake” effect
  • double door sealing feature
  • double guide slides
  • special slow-down cylinder for smooth corer penetration
  • adjustable penetration limit stops
  • pre-trip safety pin.

Multi-Corer MC-800 comes complete with frame, Spyder, eight complete polycarbonate sample tubes and aluminum tube holders, lead weight mold, spare parts kit with required special tools, and assembly instructions – ready for at-sea operation.

Sample tubes: Polycarbonate

Tube size: 10 cm X 70 cm, 8 tubes

Weight: 460 kilos

Power weight: 340 kilos

Shipping weight: 500 kilos

Height: 276 cm (370 cm fired)

Width: 245 cm

Multi-corers are designed to recover undisturbed surface sediments and are therefore well-suited to study benthic processes. A multi-corer has a series of cores attached. The multi-corer is disposed of on a research vessel and is lowered into the sea by a cable. This device can be used to study local fauna variations, geochemistry, and is ideal for sediment/water interface studies.

When the multi-corer touches the seafloor, the unit’s ballast weight pushes the assembled cores into the seafloor. As a result, each of the tubes contains a unique core with sediment of the seafloor. The multi-corer uses a unique hydrostatic damping system that slows the penetration rate down to approximately 1 cm/s.

With a deployment rate of approximately 1 meter per second on the descent coupled with a retrieval rate at winch speed, the corers are ideal for rapid assessment work. The core tubes can easily be removed from the main body of the corer so new core tubes can be added.

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