Ocean Instruments

Smart (SMRT) System

Make your equipment smart by adding our SMRT modular systems to your sampling equipment.

Connect what you need now and add more later, or ask us about customs systems. The SMRT system allows for the addition of sensors, imaging cameras, and equipment monitoring technology.

Choose from our shallow (100m) or deep (full ocean) SMRT system.

  • Depth – know where your equipment is in the water
  • Live Video – watch the action
  • Scale lasers – measure your image
  • LED Light – light up your view
  • Altimeter – know how close to the bottom you are
  • Data – know what is in the water, add a CTD or sensor
  • Reed Switches – know what your equipment is doing

For more information, please contact us at (858) 454-4044 or brock@o-vations.com.

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