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ST-30 Sediment Trap

The ST-30 trap is designed for seabed mounting in fluvial and high current systems with light to medium sediment loads.  The trap features oversized glass capture tubes and an HDPE protective frame and either a weighted base or a helical anchor for mooring to the seabed.

The larger volume sample tubes allow for better surface capture area and a longer tube for settling.  The larger size is also less prone to biofouling.

The ST-30 comes with either a weight bottom frame or a helical anchor for higher holding power in mixed composition seabeds with a designed holding force up to 2000 lbs.

The helical anchor is also ideal in river systems or in high vessel traffic areas.

Tube size: 6×30 inches

Overall Size of trap assembly: 34×24 inches

Helical Anchor size: 8-inch flange 24 inches long

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