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Product Selection Guide: Surface Measurements

Teledyne RDI’s ADCP Product for Surface Measurements:

Workhorse Horizontal ADCP (H-ADCP) with Waves Measurement Capability

H-ADCP Field Illustration

H-ADCP product

The Horizontal ADCP (HADCP) is for profiling the near-surface currents. It has been extensively tested from a variety of platforms, including a dynamically positioned drill ship operating in the Gulf of Mexico.

In its GOM deployment it demonstrated a capability to measure the near-surface currents at ranges of up to 200 m ñ well beyond the influence of the massive and acoustically-noisy drill ship to which it was mounted. Thus, the HADCP has a proven ability to measure the near-surface currents that directly affect the platform. The results of the GOM deployment were written up and presented in 2003, and copies are available upon request.

In addition, the HADCP can now be configured to measure the directional wave environment. With this one instrument the near-surface currents and the wave field can be characterized in real-time ñ allowing immediate response to changing environmental conditions that may affect the safety of your operations.


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