DeepSea Power & Light

DeepSea Power & Light


DeepSea Power & Light designs and manufactures durable products for subsea applications. These products include video cameras, lights, lasers, power modules, and pressure relief valves. Oceanographic and underwater uses range from surface applications to full ocean-depth deployments.


The SeaLite® family has been putting all things subsea in the spotlight since 1986 with the highest quality in filament, HID, and LED lighting solutions and light outputs from 700 to 10,000 lumens.



We offer a wide range of camera options including 4K UHD, HD, IP, low-light, self-lit, and super-wide field of view options to be your underwater eyes.


SeaVent Relief Valves

Do you ever need to blow off some pressure? View our range of relief valves with vacuum and fill fittings available. With a patent pending design, our compact true dual seal relief valves offer unparalleled reliability and minimize vulnerability.


SeaBattery™ Power Module

Even the last frontier needs to have power! Our full ocean depth, pressure-compensated SeaBattery® Power Module has a 30+ year history of exploring the oceans with 6v, 12v, 24v and 48v configurations. We also offer a junction box with the same dimensions.



Need to make a point with a good line? Our SeaLaser® options are ideal for scaling, aiming, and range-finding. We recommend mounting two lasers in our dual bracket with a compatible camera.



Pressure Testing Facilities

We’re ready to help you make sure your subsea instrumentation is ready to perform under pressure. We have multiple hydrostatic pressure chambers available to meet a broad range of requirements and experienced technicians on staff to implement your testing plan.


Optical Measurement

We use our in-house integrating sphere to measure light output across the entire beam pattern and to validate LED output and coloration as part of our design and manufacturing process. The 1 meter sphere is available to test lights from customers and other manufacturers.



Our knowledgebase is a curated collection including technical resources, published articles, white papers, design tools, and more.

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