Our SeaLite® luminaires feature outputs up to 18,000 lumens. ROVs, AUVs, HOVs, and divers are among the users of our subsea cameras. Common applications include inspection, scientific research, tether management, and situational awareness.

Most SeaLite models come with full dimming capabilities for a variety of subsea applications. Select models are available in titanium housing for long-term immersion and corrosion resistance. A full ocean depth rating option is available on select models.

Each subsea light includes a mounting bracket.

With light outputs available from 700 lumens to 18,000 lumens, our premium LED technology delivers best-in-class lumens per water weight with full dimming capabilities for a wide variety of subsea lighting applications.

Be sure to check out the LED SeaLite, which emits up to 9,000 lumens. The standard sapphire port has a 6,000 m depth rating and the optional acrylic port has a 3,000 m depth rating. Both digital and analog dimming interfaces support flicker-free dimming. This light comes standard with intelligent thermal rollback and monitoring data. It is also serviceable with no solder wire connections or specialized tools required. All this and the competitive price point make it our new fav!  

SeaStrobe™ LED SeaLite

The SeaStrobe LED SeaLite is based upon the proven design of the LED SeaLite and is designed to meet today's challenging market demands.


Multiray LED SeaLite

The Multiray LED SeaLite combines two LED sources each with its own color and beam pattern that can operate independently or in tandem.


LED SeaLite®

The LED SeaLite meets the demands for the market challenges of today. This subsea light emits up to 9,000 lumens with 6,000 m depth rating and multiple configuration options.


SeaLite® Sphere 200 Series

The SeaLite Sphere 200 Series emits up to 10,000 lumens with multiple configuration options. This versatile light can be used in a wide variety of subsea applications.


Multi SeaLite®

High performance at a reasonable price, our Multi SeaLite is an all-purpose subsea light with a variety of configurations.


Nano SeaLite®

Ultra compact and lightweight, our Nano SeaLite performs at up to full ocean depth with 700 lumens of typical light output.


SeaSense™ Protocol

Our SeaSense™ serial protocol enables flexible, real-time access to advanced onboard monitoring, diagnostic, and control technologies over standard EIA-485 and EIA-232 industrial serial interfaces.


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