Super Wide-i SeaCam®

Super Wide-i SeaCam

  • Extreme wide angle of 150° HFOV
  • No vignetting
  • Up to 11,000 m depth rating

The Super Wide-i SeaCam has an impressive 150° HFOV in water with no vignetting.

The standard model features a dome port and has a 6,000 m depth rating. Options include an 11,000 m depth rating and titanium housing.

The Super Wide-i SeaCam includes a mounting bracket with titanium inserts.

Optical SWSC-3060
Lens 1.4 mm, f/2.2
Focus Fixed
FOV in Water 150° H x 120° V x 185° D
Video SWSC-3060 SWSC-4060
Image Sensor 1/3 inch CCD
Resolution 570 TVL 450 TVL
Scene Illumination 0.002 Lux at f/1.2 0.1 Lux at f/1.2
Signal to Noise 46 dB >50 dB
Video Output Composite, 1.0 Vp-p 75 ohm, unbalanced
Environmental SWSC-3060 SWSC-4060
Depth Rating Aluminum: 6,000 m
Titanium: 11,000 m
Operational Temperature -10° C to 40° C
(14° F to 104° F)
Storage Temperature -30° C to 70°
(-22° F to 158° F)
Electrical SWSC-3060 SWSC-4060
Power 11-30 VDC
Current 160 mA 145 mA
Mechanical SWSC-3060 SWSC-4060
Housing Hard Anodized 6013 Aluminum
6AI-4V Titanium
Port Optically polished glass hemisphere
Outer Diameter 58.4 mm
(2.30 in)
Overall Length
without connector
104.9 mm
(4.13 in)
Weight in Air
with aluminum housing and MCBH4MP
0.47 kg
(1.05 lbs)
Weight in Water
with aluminum housing and MCBH4MP
0.23 kg
(0.51 lbs)
Connector SWSC-3060 SWSC-4060
Other connectors available

Super Wide-i SeaCam dimensions


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