The NOVATECH AS-900A: Durable Argos Beacon for Global Oceanographic Monitoring

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Explore the world with the NOVATECH AS-900A Argos Beacon, a robust and versatile tool designed for oceanographic research and incident-alerting applications globally. This beacon features an ARGOS system transmitter, setting a new standard for reliability and performance in maritime monitoring. Engineered to withstand the rigors of the ocean, the AS-900A is an ideal companion for researchers and professionals seeking to track and monitor assets under challenging conditions.

Submersible to depths of 7,300 meters and capable of long-duration submersion, the AS-900A ensures continuous operation in diverse marine environments. Its automatic activation system is meticulously designed to turn OFF when submerged below 10 meters and turn ON upon surfacing, optimizing battery life. Once at the surface, the beacon can transmit for up to 30 days, providing essential data for asset tracking and recovery.

Embrace the power of global oceanographic monitoring with the NOVATECH AS-900A Argos Beacon. For more information or to enhance your marine research capabilities, contact us today. Depend on the AS-900A for precise, reliable, and long-lasting asset tracking.

  • Argos Telemetry: Utilizes the ARGOS satellite system for global coverage and precise location data.
  • Extended Submersion Capability: Designed for prolonged submersion; submersible to 7,300 meters.
  • Smart Activation System: Automatically turns OFF below 10 meters and ON at the surface, conserving power efficiently.
  • Long Surface Transmission: Capable of transmitting for up to 30 days at the surface.
  • Rugged Design: Built to endure harsh marine environments.

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