NOVATECH Tracking and Monitoring

With a legacy spanning more than 35 years, NOVATECH beacons stand as a hallmark of reliability in the most challenging conditions and deepest oceanic depths. Trusted globally, our products safeguard valuable assets at sea.

The NOVATECH line of Radio Beacons, Iridium Beacons, and Xenon Flashers is the world’s leading name in oceanographic recovery and warning applications. Renowned across 36 countries, NOVATECH’s clientele includes government agencies, military, universities, oil companies, private research organizations, survey and exploration companies, salvage companies, and the fishing industry.

Submersible Use:

  • Can be attached to ROVs, AUVs, and scientific instruments.
  • Automatic activation of radio beacons and xenon flashers upon surfacing, providing a radio signal and intense flashing light for efficient recovery.

Surface Use:

  • Ideal for search and rescue operations, drift studies, oil spill monitoring, and general equipment location.
  • Essential in warning applications.

NOVATECH Application Examples:

    1. Surface Asset Monitoring:
      • On large buoys, NOVATECH beacons serve as a fail-safe for location tracking.
    2. ROV and AUV Monitoring:
      • Crucial for recovering remotely operated and autonomous underwater vehicles in loss-of-communication scenarios.
    3. Mooring Line Monitoring:
      • Monitors mooring lines with beacons that surface to signal line breaks.

Why Choose NOVATECH?

  • Proven Reliability: A track record of functioning under extreme conditions.
  • Global Reach: Used in over 36 countries, signifying trust and versatility.
  • Diverse Applications: Suitable for a wide range of oceanographic tasks.

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