NOVATECH RF-700C1: Advanced VHF Radio Beacon with Xenon Strobe/Flasher for Asset Recovery

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Introducing the NOVATECH RF-700C1, a cutting-edge asset recovery beacon engineered for efficient location and recovery of surface assets and oceanographic equipment. Ideal for shallow water deployments. This innovative combo unit features a VHF Radio Beacon paired with a high-intensity Xenon strobe/flasher, ensuring superior visibility and tracking capabilities in various maritime environments.  

The RF-700C1 is expertly designed for prolonged submersion, capable of operating at ocean depths up to 600m (1,968 feet). Its versatility extends to surface tracking, with the addition of a flotation collar/skirt. 

  • Innovative Combo Unit: Integrates a VHF Radio Beacon with a Xenon Strobe for dual functionality.
  • Extended Range: RF detectable from up to eight nautical miles, and strobe visibility up to four nautical miles.
  • Versatile Deployment: Designed for both surface and shallow water applications.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Fully FCC-approved.

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