NOVATECH MMB-7500: Advanced Miniature VHF Radio-Locator Beacon for Deep Sea Asset Recovery

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The NOVATECH MMB-7500 is one of the latest additions to the Mini-beacon line, offering unparalleled performance in asset recovery. This deep-rated, lightweight beacon is expertly designed for long-term ocean deployments, capable of operating submerged for up to five years. Its advanced digital circuit controller allows for selectable preset frequency channels and duty cycle options, providing a highly customizable beacon to meet diverse broadcast specifications.

Equipped with an integrated conductivity sensor, the NOVATECH MMB-7500 automatically activates upon surfacing, ensuring reliable operation and effective asset tracking. Ideal for extensive oceanographic missions, this self-contained VHF radio locator beacon guarantees a transmission duration of approximately 20 days. 

Empower your oceanographic missions with the MMB-7500! With its cutting-edge technology and robust design, the NOVATECH MMB-7500 is a game-changer in oceanographic asset recovery. Ready to take your deep-sea research to the next level? Contact us to learn more about the MMB-7500 or request a quote, today. Equip your team with this advanced locator beacon and experience unmatched efficiency and reliability in your underwater explorations.

  • Miniature Recovery Aid: Compact and lightweight design.
  • Extended Deployment Capability: Designed for long-term missions; up to five years submerged for reliable asset tracking.
  • Effective Range: Detectable up to five nautical miles.
  • Durable Transmission: Transmits pulsing RF signals for approximately 20 days at the surface.
  • Smart Activation: Conductivity sensor activates the beacon upon surfacing; optimizes power usage and functionality.
  • Exceptional Depth Rating: Self-contained and submersible up to 7,500 meters.
  • Compact and FCC Approved: Complies with essential communication standards.
  • Power Source: Operated by 7 x CR123A Lithium batteries.
  • Frequency Customization: Available with specific frequency for Japanese projects.

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