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NOVATECH MMF Infinity: Next-Gen Deep-Rated Flasher for Full Ocean Depth Asset Recovery

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Ocean Innovations is proud to offer the NOVATECH MMF Infinity Flasher, a groundbreaking beacon in MetOcean Telematics’ renowned NOVATECH line. This deep-rated beacon is built for the extremes of full ocean depth exploration and asset recovery, functioning up to 12,00 meters (39,370 feet).

Equipped with cutting-edge pure white LED technology, the MMF Infinity offers customizable flash rates and intensities. Its visibility extends up to five nautical miles, ensuring effective tracking and monitoring in vast ocean spaces.

The NOVATECH MMF Infinity stands out in long-term deployments. It operates with high-efficiency Lithium batteries, supporting up to four years submerged. Once surfaced, the MMF Infinity can flash continuously for over two weeks. An integrated conductivity sensor activates the sensor upon reaching the surface making it highly reliable for asset recovery.

Compact and part of the mini flasher line, the MMF Infinity epitomizes the robustness and reliability synonymous with the NOVATECH brand. It is an excellent tool for professionals in marine research, exploration, and asset tracking. 

  • Deep-Rated Performance: Self-contained submersible up to 12,000 meters (39,370 feet); ensures functionality in full ocean depth environments.
  • Long-Term Deployment: Designed for extended missions; supports up to 4 years submerged, ideal for rigorous oceanographic work.
  • Compact Design: Miniature recovery aid.
  • Extended Surface Operation: Capable of flashing for over two weeks once surfaced, enhances visibility for recovery.
  • Smart Activation Technology: Includes an integrated conductivity sensor; activates automatically upon surfacing.
  • High Visibility Range: Visible from up to five nautical miles.
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