NOVATECH RF-700A1: Advanced Submersible Radio Beacon for Oceanographic Equipment Recovery

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Ocean Innovations is pleased to offer the NOVATECH RF-700A1, a robust and efficient self-contained submersible Radio Beacon. The RF-700A1 is meticulously engineered to assist in the precise location and recovery of oceanographic equipment. Designed to withstand the challenges of the deep sea, the RF-700A1 can be submerged for long extended periods in ocean depths to 7,300m (24,000 feet).

A standout feature of the RF-700A1 is its automatic activation system. It employs a pressure switch that turns the beacon OFF when submerged below below 10 meters, and ON upon resurfacing above the 10-meter threshold, conserving power.

Ideal for a range of oceanographic applications, the RF-700A1 is equipped with a pressure-activated ON/OFF switch and manual override. Upon surfacing it emits a pulsing RF signal for approximately 8 days, detectable up to eight nautical miles. The RF-700A1 is not just reliable but also compliant with FCC standards and is powered by 4 “C” cell alkaline batteries.

Transform your underwater recovery operations with the RF-700A1. Ensure successful and efficient recovery of your underwater equipment with this advanced submersible Radio Beacon, a trusted tool in marine exploration. For more information or to request a quote, contact us today.

  • Automatic Activation: OFF when submerged below 10 meters and ON at the surface; optimizes power use.
  • Pressure-Activated Switch: Features a pressure-activated ON/OFF switch with manual override; ensures reliable operation.
  • Surface Transmission: At the surface, transmits a pulsing RF signal for approximately 8 days; enhances recovery.
  • Extended Detection Range: Detectable up to eight nautical miles.
  • Deep-Water Capability: Self-contained and submersible to 7,300 m
  • FCC Compliance: Adheres to FCC regulations; ensures safety and reliability.
  • Power Source: Operated by 4 “C” cell alkaline batteries.

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