NOVATECH ST-400A: Advanced Submersible Xenon Flasher for Oceanographic Equipment Recovery

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Introducing the NOVATECH ST-400A, a state-of-the-art submersible xenon flasher, meticulously engineered to facilitate the precise location and recovery of underwater oceanographic equipment. Designed with the demands of marine research and exploration in mind, the ST-400A is an indispensable tool for a wide array of underwater missions.

The ST-400A stands out for its exceptional depth capability, able to operate flawlessly at ocean depths of up to 7,300m (24,000 feet). This impressive performance makes the ST-400A an ideal choice for applications in some of the most challenging underwater environments. Whether it’s for scientific research, marine archaeology, or deep-sea exploration, the NOVATECH ST-400A ensures reliable and efficient recovery operations.

Its self-contained and robust design, coupled with the powerful xenon flasher, provides unparalleled visibility and durability. This combination of features guarantees that the ST-400A will be an essential part of your oceanographic toolkit, offering reliability and performance when it matters most.

  • Smart Automatic Activation: Features an activation system that turns OFF when submerged and automatically turns ON upon surfacing.
  • Unique “Double Burst” Flash Pattern: Provides distinct “double burst” flashes at the surface for approximately seven days, enhancing detectability and aiding in prompt recovery.
  • Impressive Visual Range: Offers a visual range of up to four nautical miles.
  • Exceptional Depth Capability: Self-contained and submersible up to a depth of 7,300m (23,950 feet).
  • Customizable Flash Settings: Allows for adjustable flash rate and intensity.
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