NOVATECH iCB-7500: Iridium/GPS Satellite Beacon for Reliable Oceanographic Recovery

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Introducing the Iridium Combo Beacon (iCB-7500), a versatile and robust solution for both expected and unexpected asset recoveries in oceanographic research. This self-contained submersible beacon is ingeniously designed to assist in the precise location and recovery of underwater equipment, combining the advanced functionalities of an Iridium/GPS Satellite with an LED Flasher.

The iCB-7500 is equipped with a configurable white LED Flasher, integrated within the head assembly, making it a vital tool for visually spotting assets under challenging conditions, including rough seas and nighttime operations. Its state-of-the-art design caters to long-term ocean deployments, up to four years submerged. Upon surfacing, the beacon can flash for over two weeks.

With an integrated conductivity sensor, the iCB-7500 automatically activates upon surfacing. This beacon, visible from up to five nautical miles away and submersible to 7,500 meters, is an indispensable asset for marine professionals seeking dependability and precision in their oceanographic missions.

Trust in the iCB-7500 for comprehensive and efficient asset recovery in your oceanographic endeavors. For more information or to request a quote, contact us today. Equip your team with the iCB-7500 and experience reliability and innovation in underwater asset tracking.

  • Miniature Recovery Aid: Designed for long-term ocean deployments; up to 4 years submerged.
  • Extended Surface Operation: Capable of flashing for over two weeks once surfaced.
  • Smart Activation Technology: Includes an integrated conductivity sensor; activates automatically upon surfacing.
  • High Visibility Range: Visible from up to five nautical miles.
  • Deep-Water Capability: Self-contained and submersible up to 7,500 meters.


  • Diameter: 2.79” (70 mm)
  • Height: 23.65” (600 mm)
  • Mass in air: 4.91 kg (10.8 lb)
  • Weight in water: 3.56 kg (7.84 lb)


  • Hull Material: Titanium (Grade 5)
  • Cap Material: Aluminum Oxide Ceramic
  • Lens Material: Sapphire
  • Colour: Natural


  • Power Supply Voltage 7 to 28 VDC (External power )
  • Batteries: 7 X D Lithium cells (or optional alkaline)


  • Integrated dual-band GPS / Iridium ceramic patch


  • High Power LED – side emitting
  • No flashes (off), single, double, and triple flash.
  • Intensity – Low, Medium, and High Settings.
  • 1 to 3 bursts every 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20, 30, or 60 seconds.
  • Light Sensor Setting
  • Enables or disables the light sensor in the unit; if enabled, Flasher operates in dark conditions only
  • Visible Range – Up to 5 Nm


  • ON / OFF Control
  • -30°C (-22°F) to +70°C (158°F)
  • Maximum Depth: 7,500 m (24,600 ft)
  • Operating Life: 1 year of daily transmissions at 1-hour intervals. Note: The estimate varies if the ‘flasher’ is enabled
  • Configurable locally via Bluetooth (BLE)

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