NOVATECH MMF-7500: Compact, Deep-Rated Asset Recovery Strobe with Advanced LED Technology

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MetOcean’s NOVATECH MMF-7500 is a breakthrough in asset recovery technology, designed for the most challenging marine environments. As a compact, deep-rated member of the mini flasher line, the MMF-7500 is a testament to NOVATECH’s commitment to innovation in the field of oceanographic exploration and asset recovery.

The MMF-7500 sets a new standard in strobe technology with its integration of pure white LED technology. This advanced feature provides users with a range of customizable options, including adjustable flash rates and intensity levels.

Uniquely engineered to be visible from up to five nautical miles, this self-contained strobe combines power with a small form factor, offering unparalleled performance for asset recovery missions. MMF-7500’s robust design allows for extended operations at significant depths.

Whether it’s for scientific research, marine industry operations, or underwater exploration, the NOVATECH MMF-7500 is your reliable partner, offering enhanced visibility, durability, and flexibility to meet the demands of the most rigorous marine tasks.

  • Long-Term Deployment Capability: Designed for extended ocean missions, offering up to 4 years of submersion durability. Ideal for long-duration scientific and exploration tasks.
  • Extended Surface Operation: Once surfaced, capable of continuous flashing for over two weeks.
  • Advanced Activation Technology: Equipped with an integrated conductivity sensor that automatically activates the strobe upon surfacing.
  • High Visibility Range: The strobe is visible from up to five nautical miles, providing a broad range of detection.
  • Exceptional Depth Rating: Self-contained submersible to a depth of 7,500 m (24,606 feet).

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