NOVATECH ST-400AR: High-Performance Submersible Xenon Flasher for Underwater Equipment Recovery

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Explore the depths with NOVATECH ST-400AR, a beacon of innovation in submersible technology. This self-contained xenon flasher is meticulously crafted to aid the precise location and recovery of underwater oceanographic equipment. Its standout design marks it as a vital tool for rigorous marine operations.

The ST-400AR boasts remarkable operational depths of up to 7,300m (24,000 feet). Ideal for a broad spectrum of applications, from environmental monitoring to marine archaeology, the NOVATECH ST-400AR exemplifies durability and reliability. It’s engineered to endure prolonged submersion and features robust construction, making the ST-400AR a top choice for professionals seeking dependable performance in underwater exploration.

  • Smart Automatic Activation: Engineered with an intuitive activation system that turns OFF when submerged and automatically turns ON at the surface.
  • Distinctive “Double Burst” Flash Pattern: Provides a unique “double burst” flash at the surface for approximately seven days.
  • Exceptional Depth Capability: Self-contained submersible to depths up to 7,300m, ideal for deep-sea exploration and recovery missions.
  • Versatile Remote Head Feature: Equipped with a remote head, offering maximum flexibility in various operational setups and environments.
  • Customizable Flash Settings: Features adjustable flash rate and intensity.
  • Impressive Visual Range: Capable of being detected visually from up to four nautical miles.

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