NOVATECH IR-7300: Advanced Iridium Beacon for Oceanographic Asset Monitoring

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Explore the capabilities of the NOVATECH IR-7300, a state-of-the-art Iridium beacon designed as a ruggedized incident-alerting system for oceanographic assets. This beacon stands as a guardian for valuable marine equipment, offering real-time GPS positioning and bi-directional communication through the Iridium satellite telemetry system. Not only does the IR-7300 ensure the safety and monitoring of assets, but it also provides these advanced features at a cost-effective price.

Engineered to endure the harsh marine environment, the IR-7300 is submersible to depths of 7,300 meters. Its capacity to transmit for up to 90 days at one-hour intervals ensures prolonged operational reliability. Automatic activation, which turns the beacon OFF below 10 meters and ON at the surface, further enhances the IR-7300’s efficiency.

Protect and monitor your valuable marine equipment with the NOVATECH IR-7300 Iridium beacon. For more information or to make a purchase, contact us today. Trust in the IR-7300 for advanced, reliable, and cost-effective oceanographic asset monitoring.

  • Depth Capability: Submersible to 7,300 meters.
  • Extended Transmission: Can transmit up to 90 days at one-hour intervals.
  • Iridium Telemetry: Provides real-time data and bi-directional communication.
  • Smart Activation System: Automatic activation; OFF when submerged below 10 meters and ON at the surface.
  • Retrofit Housing: Compatible with AS/RF/ST NOVATECH housing.
  • Additional Options: Remote head (IR-7300-HD) available for purchase for specialized applications.
  • Iridium Certified
IR-7300 Brochure
Firmware Updates
April 13, 2024
IR-7300 beacon firmware v1.10.9

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