NOVATECH MMA-7500: Compact, High-Depth Argos Locator Beacon for Asset Recovery

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The NOVATECH MMA-7500 is a pinnacle in mini-beacon technology, specifically engineered for the effective location and recovery of underwater assets. As a member of the renowned NOVATECH family, the MMA-7500 stands out for its deep-rated, small form-factor design, making it a versatile tool for a wide range of oceanographic applications. This self-contained Argos locator beacon is equipped with a digital circuit controller that offers selectable preset frequency channels and a variety of duty cycle options. These features allow the beacon to be tailored to specific broadcast requirements, ensuring efficient and precise asset tracking.

Designed for resilience and endurance, the MMA-7500 is ideal for long-term ocean deployments, capable of operating submerged for up to two years. It incorporates an integrated conductivity sensor that activates the beacon upon resurfacing, enabling immediate and reliable location transmission.

Enhance your oceanographic missions with the MMA-7500. For more information or to request a quote, contact us today. Experience the reliability and precision of the MMA-7500 in your underwater explorations.

  • Miniature Recovery Aid: Compact design for easy deployment and retrieval.
  • Long-Term Deployment Capability: Engineered for up to two years submerged.
  • Integrated Conductivity Sensor: Activates the beacon upon resurfacing.
  • Argos Telemetry: Utilizes advanced Argos satellite technology for precise location tracking.
  • Exceptional Depth Rating: Self-contained and submersible to 7,500 meters.
  • Customizable Broadcast Options: Digital circuit controller with selectable frequency channels and duty cycle options.

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