NOVATECH iSurface: Robust, Bi-Directional GPS Satellite Beacon for Global Mooring Monitoring

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Meet the NOVATECH iSurface, a cutting-edge solution in marine technology. This beacon is lightweight, self-contained, and user-serviceable, embodying the advanced functionality of the Iridium satellite network. The iSurface offers global, pole-to-pole coverage for surface mooring and buoy monitoring requirements.

Easy to install and operate, the iSurface utilizes standard “D” cell batteries. It’s programmed to deliver up to 4,500 Short Burst Data (SBD) messages or to provide reliable service for approximately 1.5 years after installation.

Engineered for long-duration deployments, the iSurface is particularly suitable for asset tracking over the open ocean. Manufactured and rigorously tested in Atlantic Canada, the iSurface was designed with harsh marine environments in mind.

Revolutionize your mooring and buoy monitoring with Surface for unmatched tracking and communication capabilities. For detailed information or to request a quote, contact us today. 

  • Superior Battery Life: Engineered for longevity with standard ‘D’ cell batteries; up to 1.5 years of operation or 4,500 SBD messages.
  • Rugged and Innovative Design: Crafted to endure harsh marine conditions; reliable performance in demanding environments.
  • Iridium and Bluetooth Configuration
  • Bi-Directional Communication: Offers two-way communication capabilities for enhanced data transmission.
  • Iridium Certified

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