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VITROVEX® Cylindrical Instrument Housings Tubes

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Nautilus Marine Service can also offer cylindrical pressure housings in addition to spheres.

These housings give great freedom of design and should therefore be customized upon consultation with Nautilus Marine Service or its representatives.

Just to mention a few, cylindrical Instrument Housings can be simply supplied with corresponding end caps on both ends, with one end cap and the other one closed, with flanges on both ends to attach end caps or with flanges in the middle to extend the length of the cylindrical part.

Cylindrical Instrument Housings can be made of borosilicate glass or fused silica and for some of the housings, we supply end caps made of optical grade glass or metal.

For flanges or metal end caps we recommend the usage of Titanium due to its similar thermal expansion coefficient.


At present, Nautilus Marine Service offers four basic configurations for cylindrical pressure housings as shown below. Besides the outer diameter and wall size, the pressure rating is significantly determined by the length of the cylindrical part.

Tubes are closed by end caps (with or w/o flanges) on default. However, other configurations are also feasible (e.g. plane windows/plates). Self-sealing vacuum ports are advisable when just two end caps are used to close the tube. Together with the deck purge box, they are easy to handle and a straightforward way to keep the housing free of any moisture as an alternative to Nitrogen.

In case flanges are used, it is still recommendable to consider a vacuum port as an air relief valve.

Nautilus Marine Service does not provide protective housings for cylinders due to the various configuration possibilities. We have seen applications where protective frames/cages are made of Delrin or carbon fiber. However, any other plastic would be suitable.

Model length outer diameter wall size​
mm mm mm
NMS-FIT-114-7 100-1000 114 7
NMS-FIT-130-9 100-1000 130 9
NMS-FIT-187-14 100-1000 187 14
NMS-FIT-250-9 100-1000 250 9

Under certain circumstances, it may happen that the depth rating is reduced by the flanges to avoid oversized flange design as a result of its lower material strength (compared with glass).It should be noted that drill holes cannot be applied to the cylindrical surface.

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