For over 30 years, SubConn Inc. and The MacArtney Underwater Technology Group have been at the forefront of supplying the world’s leading range of underwater pluggable electrical connectors to the demanding underwater industry. With a strong commitment to excellence, our SubConn connectors have evolved over time to meet the diverse needs of our global customers, spanning from shallow water applications to full ocean depths.

We pride ourselves on manufacturing and delivering industry-standard, reliable, and affordable connectors and cables. Our products are supported internationally by the esteemed MacArtney Underwater Technology Group to guarantee exceptional quality and service.

Each SubConn connector is globally trusted and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure the highest level of quality and suitability for the underwater and offshore market. We continuously expand our product line to meet the evolving needs of individual customers and industry requirements.

SubConn Circular Series

Introducing the SubConn® Circular Series - the cornerstone of SubConn® products renowned for their reliability and durability in underwater and harsh marine environments.


SubConn Micro Circular series

To accommodate market demands for ever more flexible, dependable and cost efficient underwater connectivity solutions, SubConn® Micro connectors are available.


SubConn Low Profile series

Low Profile series offers connectivity for underwater systems and equipment where space is restricted or a more compact solution is required wetmate drymate


SubConn Micro Low Profile series

The SubConn® Micro Low Profile series was developed to suit the increasingly more compact design of underwater instruments, equipment and systems where space is restricted or a more compact solution is required.


SubConn Metal Shell series

An alternative to Circular series bulkhead connectors where an even more rugged, resilient and protected underwater connectivity solution is required


SubConn Power series

Power series offers a high performance, dependable connector solutions to accommodate the ever growing power requirements


SubConn Ethernet series

Developed and manufactured to accommodate the demand for Gigabit data speed, signal and power for increasingly capable and compact underwater systems


SubConn Coax series

Primarily used for facilitating the transmission of HD video signal within and between underwater systems and for interfacing HD video based equipment such as cameras and telemetry systems


SubConn Specials

SubConn® holds extensive experience and expertise in supplying special connector solutions for a broad range of specific client applications


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