SubConn Polyurethane Cables

SubConn polyurethane cables

All SubConn® connectors and penetrators can be supplied with dedicated underwater cables of various types and lead configurations. As standard, the majority of SubConn® connectors are supplied with chloroprene rubber cables, while the Ethernet and Coax series, among other, feature polyurethane (PUR) cables as standard.

All SubConn® connector products can also be delivered with special polyurethane (PUR) type cables that are specifically designed, manufactured and tested for use with SubConn® connectors. SubConn® holds the entire range of rugged special polyurethane (PUR) cables in stock including several different power and signal lead combinations and dimensions. When procured in conjunction with SubConn® connectors or penetrators, this broad range of special cable options allows the customer to assemble the optimal underwater connectivity solution for any task or application. Furthermore, SubConn is among the few companies within the industry mastering the advanced technique of moulding rubber connectors to polyurethane (PUR) cables hereby allowing customers to obtain even more flexible, efficient and rugged connectivity solutions.

General cable information

  • Nominal cable bending radius = 15 x cable OD
  • Please see our special polyurethane (PUR) cable specifications below

General cable assembly information

  • All cable assemblies are measured from rubber connector face to rubber connector face
  • Our standard cable assembly tolerances are +/- 1” (25,4 mm) on the ordered cable length, lower tolerances need approval from the supplier

General termination information

  • Maximum wire size in micro contacts is 18 AWG
  • Maximum 2 screens or conductors can be terminated per contact

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SubConn Polyurethane cables
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