DT340 Pipe Crawler

DT340 L (Lite) DT340 S (Standard) DT340 X
Static camera head, no tether counter, for simple inspections. Pan, Tilt, Zoom camera head and a tether counter reel. Large diameter pipes, with PTZ camera, elevating arm and large wheels.
DT340 L (Lite) DT340 S (Standard) DT340 X
Package Includes: Package Includes: Package Includes:
DT340 Static Camera Head DT340 PTZ Camera Head DDT340 PTZ Camera Head
150 m (492 ft) Tether on Standard Reel 150 m (492 ft) Tether, Reel with Counter Elevating Arm with Auxiliary Lights
Handheld Controller with Viewing Screen Handheld Controller with Viewing Screen 400 m (1312 ft) Tether, Reel with Counter
2 Carrying Cases 2 Carrying Cases Handheld Controller with Viewing Screen
12″ Wheel Option
2 Carrying Cases
$12,498.00 USD $24,998.00 USD $35,243.75 USD
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Not a Typical Pipe Crawler. It’s the world’s only affordable and portable system.

Bringing Innovation to Pipe Inspections

Introducing the world’s only truly portable, battery-operated crawler system. That’s right, everything you need comes in only two carrying cases, no more dedicated trucks or complicated systems; you can deploy from anywhere in under 5 minutes.

Not only does the DT340 pipe crawler ROV include internal batteries, it also comes with a lightweight handheld control console, a strong but thin tether, a pivoting tether connection, wheel and track options, and plug-and-play integrations – all designed to make your pipe inspections easier.

We’ve taken what we’ve learned in the underwater submersibles world and applied it to the pipe inspection industry. The new DT340 Crawler is depth rated to 50 m (164 ft), requires no topside power, and is affordable for small municipalities and service companies. The DT340 Crawler is perfect for water pipe and sewer pipe inspections.

What Makes Deep Trekker Pipe Crawlers Different

We set out to make the most portable, yet capable system on the market. The completely steerable wheels allow you to go further and maneuver around or over obstacles. From the handheld controller quickly adjust your speed or engage active freewheel, all while watching the CCTV video footage live on the integrated monitor.

Crawler Battery website grey

Battery Operated
With on-board batteries, deploy from anywhere. Don’t worry about bringing along a generator, the DT340 lasts for up to 8 hours on a 1.5 hour charge, and can even be top-up charged throughout the day.

Fully Submersible

Fully Submersible
Built on the proven underwater ROV design from Deep Trekker, the DT340 pipe crawler is completely submersible in up to 50 m (164 ft) of water. Don’t worry, here is no gassing, oiling, or greasing required.

Standalone System

Standalone System
No dedicated service truck required. Everything you need to complete your inspection is contained within only 2 carrying cases. The DT340 pipe crawlers are the world’s only truly portable systems.


“We recently purchased a Pipe Crawler Camera and were very impressed by the knowledge and expertise of the staff. We had several options to choose from, but we feel confident that Deep Trekker is the best option available.”

Eric Killian, Lams Construction

Engineered to be Your Next Rugged and Durable Inspection System

You’ve asked for a robust and easy to use system; the DT340 Pipe Crawler offers that and more. Made from anodized die-cast aluminum and stainless steel, boasting a sapphire glass camera lens cover, this pipe crawler is ready for your tough environments.

Magnetically coupled wheel drives require zero maintenance, meaning there are no dynamic seals anywhere on the DT340 for you to grease or replace. The pipe crawler system is inherently waterproof, without additional gassing or maintenance required. Similarly, the optional tracks system are made from steel cord reinforced polyurethane, ready to maneuver over any obstacles you may encounter.

With no power being sent through the tether, your inspections are safer and reduce the weight the pipe crawler pulls. Though the DT340 tether may be thin, it is reinforced with synthetic fibers for extra strength. Using the lifting kit, easily deploy or lift the DT340 by the tether.

Extremely Durable Pipe Crawler

Plug-and-Play Customizations

Crawler Tracks Kit
DT340 Elevating Arm
10″ Carbide Grit Wheels
Control Console

In a single day of inspections, you may encounter many different pipe profiles, which is why we have made our systems entirely modular and with plug-and-play technologies. The compact camera head can be easily removed using the quick release brackets to swap between cameras or accessories.

In addition to optional tracks for large jobs, various wheel proportions have also been designed for specific pipe sizes. Quickly add and replace wheels and tracks in-field based on your specific task at hand.

Take Control of Your Inspections

DT340 Pipe Crawler systems and options are designed with you in mind. Don’t wait on a crawler company to process your video, the hand-held monitor and controller give you control over your inspections. With a standard video out port, record or integrate the video to a system of your choice. Bring your DT340 Pipe Crawler with you anywhere and deploy in the most remote locations, with full control over all of the crawler functions all from your handheld controller. Pipeline inspections have never been easier.