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DT340 Pipe Crawler

Inspect pipes up to 36” in diameter with the world’s most affordable and portable pipe crawler


Fully submersible and battery operated pipe crawler equipment – providing the most portable inspection equipment.

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Industry’s first truly portable, battery-operated CCTV pipe crawler systems

No dedicated CCTV truck required; deploy from anywhere within minutes. Inspect pipes ranging from 6” and up in diameter and in various pipe material; PVC, clay, brick, concrete, HDPE, corrugated steel and cast iron. Deep Trekker crawlers are depth rated to 50 m (164 ft) underwater. Inspect immediately without having to wait for jet or pump trucks.

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At a Glance

Battery operated

Battery life up to 8 hours

Carrying case

Portable wheeled cases

Submersable camera icon

Fully submersible

Pan tilt HD camera icon

PTZ HD camera

Strong thin tether icon

Strong and thin tether

Maneuverability icon


Wheel and track option icon

Wheel and track options

Large clear screen icon

GIS and WinCan integration

I would highly recommend the DT340 Crawler! the City of Hot Springs Arkansas Stormwater Division purchased the unit in 2017 and have inspected thousands of feet of stormwater sewer pipe with no issues. The battery operated unit provides plenty of power to inspect pipe for hours and is very mobile with no need for a generator or van to transport the unit. You won’t regret the decision to purchase this unit. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Dan Carder, City of Hot Springs Arkansas Stormwater Division

Pipe Crawler Add-Ons

Pipe Crawler Add-Ons

In a single day of inspection work, you may come across various pipe profiles. This is why we have developed modular pipe crawlers with plug-and-play technology.

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