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Intelligence and advanced capabilities make this portable, commercial-grade remotely operated vehicle the best in its class.

dtg3 ROV

At a Glance

Depth rating to 200 meters (656 feet)

Depth rating to 200 meters (656 feet)

Battery operated

Battery life up to 8 hours

One carrying case

One carrying case

Submersable camera icon

Low maintenance

Works well in low-light

Works well in low-light

4k camera quality

4k camera quality

Extreme maneuverability

Extreme maneuverability

Built to last

Built to last

Meet the DTG3 remotely operated vehicle

DTG3 is a mini observation-class underwater ROV built to provide operators the ability to quickly deploy and visually inspect within underwater environments.

Take control of your next underwater operation with the proven DTG3 remotely operated vehicle.

DTG3 ROV Packages

DTG3 Smart

The Advanced Package. A Complete package for maximum portability and advanced integrated sensors.


DTG3 Expert

Get more work done. Retrieve objects or specimens with the 2-function grabber arm, the heading and depth make precise inspections and retrievals easier.


DTG3 Navigator

The most complete underwater DTG3 ROV package - comes standard with all the capabilities you expect plus the power of vertical thrust and standard USBL.

Need help? Let us help build a custom package

DTG3 Spec Highlights

deep trekker dtg3 rov wireframe

ROV Gereral Specs

Width: 325 mm (12.8”)
Height: 258 mm (10.2”)
Length: 279 mm (11.0”)
Weight (in air): 8.5 kg (18.7 lb)
Body Material: Die Cast Aluminum
Window Material: Acrylic
Depth Rating: 200 m (656 ft)
Operating Temp: -10°C to 50°C (14°F – 122°F)
Case (option): Custom Pelican Air 1637 Handle and Wheels
Warranty: 1 Year – Parts and Labor (optional 2-3)

Lights and Camera

Video: UHD 4K – 3840X2160, 720p – 1280×720, 30FPS 0.001 Lux, 270° Total Range of View
Picture: JPG 8mp
Lights: High Efficiency LED, Fully Dimmable, 1000 Lumens Tracking with Camera, Optional 1000-4400 Lumens Add-ons
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Our larger ROV has not been on a job site because its use was not anticipated and its footprint was just too large. We purchased the DTG2 to fill the gap we had. It’s small, very portable and the video feed is reasonable. We have shelved drop cameras that cost more than this unit.
Bruce Gray, Operations Officer, Environment Canada

Lars Linds

Nice and handy ROV. A perfect alternative to divers when you need eyes underwater. Virtually no preparation needed. Just bring the case to your work site, take out the ROV, connect the remote and throw it into the water.
Lars Lind, Miko Marine

Kana Upton

We highly recommend this company to anyone in need of a ROV. Virtually no down time!
Kana Upton, Aqua-Cage Fisheries

Fully assembled, tested and ready to operate

Fully assembled, tested and ready to operate

Our DTG3 ROVs are delivered pre-assembled and ready to take on your underwater tasks.

Expanded field of view

Expanded field of view

View the full picture underwater. The DTG3 is equipped with an internal pivoting 4K UHD camera. Rotate the camera 270-degrees above and below the unit while holding its position in the water.


Customize your DTG3 ROV

Not just an underwater camera – the DTG3 is constructed with multiple communications and external ports. The system can be customized with a variety of sensors, manipulators, and sonars to accommodate various underwater operations.

DTG3 ROV Camera

4K UHD camera recording

Record inspections and underwater operations directly to the handheld controller. Record 4K UHD footage and capture images with the low-latency camera.

Extreme maneuverability

With expert engineering and the help of gravity, the ROV shell and thrusters can be rotated while gravity holds down the internal semi-circle weighted frame. This allows the ROV to drive straight up and down, side to side, forwards and backwards while using the same thrusters. Some call it magic, but we like to call it innovation.

Powered by BRIDGE Technology

An intelligent, technology platform from Deep Trekker. An operating system designed with custom hardware and software; for control, integration, communication and enhanced operation. Deep Trekker BRIDGE leverages the latest in technology to provide solutions that are intuitive and easy to use for its customers.

Simplified control
Seamless integrations
Constant communication
Enhanced operations


Weatherproof handheld controller

Large clear screen & simple controls
Recordable heads-up display data (HUD)
Integrated sonar screen overlay
External ports including HDMI, USB, Ethernet, and SD card connectivity


ROV Add-Ons

Integrate your Deep Trekker with sophisticated attachments designed for your specific industry needs.

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