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Underwater ROV


Intelligent and advanced capabilities make the portable, commercial grade ROV the best in its class.

Max Depth: 200M (656 FT)
Battery Life: Up to 8 Hours
Speed: 2.5 Knots
Custom Ports: 2



Equipped with 6 strong thrusters powered by lithium batteries, the PIVOT provides users with stability, power, speed and control in a portable package.

Max Depth: 305M (1000 FT)
Battery Life: Up to 3 Hours
Custom Ports: 2



Coupled with powerful vector thrusters to allow for lateral movement in harsh underwater environments.

Max Depth: 305M (1000 FT)
Battery Life: Up to 8 Hours - Battery Swap
Speed: 3.5 Knots
Custom Ports: 6


Proven, durable, and portable remotely operated vehicles.

Underwater ROV

Portable, commercial-grade mini ROVs

Deep Trekker ROVs are portable, affordable, and easy to use, providing solutions to various underwater projects.

As innovators in the ROV industry, our team can provide you with the right robotic system for your application.

At a Glance

Depth rating up to 305 meters (1,000 feet)

Depth rating up to 305 meters (1,000 feet)

Battery operated

Battery life up to 8 hours

Carrying case

Portable wheeled cases

Low maintnence

Low maintenance

Swift performance-icon

Superior performance

Excellent in low light icon

Commercial grade

Their innovation is remarkable and the products do, indeed, reflect that they listen to their customers. Thanks, Deep Trekker, for a great customer experience and great products.

Shelby Howell, OLC Searvices


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Integrate your Deep Trekker with sophisticated attachments designed for your specific industry needs.

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