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Coax technology has been around for many years. The first patent for coaxial cable was granted to British Engineer Oliver Heaviside in 1880. Many historical technical milestones have involved the usage of coax connectivity: phone calls between cities, televised live events, Hollywood films, transatlantic communications, and many more. Coax technology is still widely used today because quite simply: it works.

For most environments reliable, affordable commodity coax cable, connectors, and cable assembly products are mass-produced and readily available. But Subsea applications are not your typical environment and are not suited for commodity products. Commodity coax, e.g. IP67/68 rated products, are not suitable for demanding, harsh, deep submergence (>100m depth) applications such as underwater drones, Submarines, Oil & Gas exploration/production, Renewable Energy, or Environmental Monitoring. Subsea coax applications must endure a harsh and dynamic environment: persistent moisture, salinity changes, pressure changes, and temperature changes (including temperature shock), to name a few.
For these subsea applications, you need a coax cable assembly that is rated above and beyond any IP (Ingress Protection) rating. IP ratings cover basic industrial applications and very shallow submergence-type applications. An IP-rated connector will fail in deep submergence, subsea applications.

AMETEK SCP’s line of coaxial connectors offers exceptional performance for applications ranging from the sea surface to the deep ocean. Robust and reliable, the glass-to-metal sealed receptacles provide panel or bulkhead protection not available in IP-67 class connectors, at a modest premium. AMETEK SCP offers these connectors in an assortment of standard configurations and cable options, and can quickly evaluate custom components and applications if needed.

  • Characteristic Impedance 50 & 75 Ohms available
  • Insulation Resistance 5000 Megohms
  • Frequency Range (50 Ohm) Up to 3 GHz (cable dependent)
  • Frequency Range (75 Ohm) Up to 18 GHz (cable dependent)
  • Dielectric Withstand Voltage 1000V
  • Pressure Rating 10,000 psi
  • Material SS316/317L, other materials as requested

Coax Connector and Cable Assembly Series

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