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Fiber Optics

Fiber Optic
AMETEK has made significant investments in its facilities for optical component development, qualification, and production by the commissioning of temperature-controlled and monitored hydrostatic pressure vessels, adding manufacturing facilities for fiber preparation, inspection, sealing preparation, and optical performance evaluation. These new facilities position AMETEK HSC to be a frontrunner in harsh environment hermetic optical components, with in-house capability to develop, manufacture, process, and test products resulting in highly reliable solutions to support today and tomorrow’s optical component needs. Below is a snapshot of some of these capabilities:
  • Engineering, Design & Product Development Programs
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Environmental Test Facilities – Thermal and Pressure 204deg C (400deg F) @ 2,069bar (30KPSI)
  • Combined Pressure and Temperature Testing
  • Fiber Preparation and Machine Polishing
  • Window Stripping
  • Fusion Slicing
  • Fiber Optic Inspection and Analysis

AMETEK Hermetic Glass to Fiber Optic Seal

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