ISIIS-DPI Plankton Imager

In-Situ Ichthyoplankton Imaging System Deep-Focus Particle Imager

Credit: Hatfield Marine Science Center (ISIIS-3 sled)

In-Situ Ichthyoplankton Imaging System Deep-Focus Particle Imager

Unlock the secrets of the ocean with the ISIIS-DPI camera, a sophisticated scientific instrument crafted for the study of marine life. Specializing in imaging jellies, fish larvae, and a myriad of planktonic organisms, this camera is an invaluable asset for aquatic researchers. Engineered for the open ocean, the ISIIS-DPI excels in capturing crisp, high-resolution images across an extensive depth of field. The imager’s robust design allows for effective operation even when towed at speeds over 5 knots behind a support ship.


The ISIIS-DPI camera is a scientific instrument that is used to image and study jellies, fish larvae and other planktonic organisms in their natural environment.

credit: Cedric Guigand

ISIIS-DPI: 3 Standard sizes | Multiple use-cases

ISIIS-DPI: 3 standard sizes | Multiple use-cases

Made for the Field or the Lab

Dive deeper into marine research with our Benchtop Imager, a compact yet powerful shadowgraph that mirrors the optical excellence of the ISIIS-DPI field instruments. This imager is not just an educational tool but a critical resource for researchers. It excels in rapidly creating image datasets from freshly collected marine specimens during expeditions. These datasets are vital for advanced image analysis and recognition algorithms, enhancing the understanding of marine diversity.

The Benchtop Imager boasts a 125mm diameter plano-convex lens. Our 3D printed inserts allow the use of smaller lenses of 75mm or 50mm diameters for higher resolution imaging. Keeping in mind the practical needs of researchers, this system maintains affordability by utilizing cost-effective rolling-shutter USB-3 cameras. In addition, the ISIIS-DPI is coupled with the free Basler Pylon Viewer application for real-time streaming and recording.

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