Oceanographic Swivels for Moorings

Enhance the durability and functionality of your oceanographic moorings with our specially designed Oceanographic Swivels. These swivels play a crucial role in preventing cable twisting, a common challenge in marine environments. When cables are subjected to tension and have a tendency to spin or rotate, they are at risk of kinking and forming loops. This weakens the cables and complicates retrieval operations, potentially leading to costly downtime and repairs.

Our Oceanographic Swivels are engineered to address this issue effectively. By allowing controlled rotation, they maintain the integrity of cables and ensure smoother operations. Ideal for a range of marine research and exploration activities, these swivels are a vital component for any oceanographic mooring setup.

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Safe Working Load:
4 Tons (8,800Lbs)
Breaking Load:
20 Tons (45,000Lbs)
17-4pH Stainless Steel
Nonporous Alumina Ceramic Balls
Shackle Size:
 fits 3/4″ shackles without bushing
 fits 5/8″ shackles with bushing


Swivel Links Dimensions

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