SIDEKICK Data Handler


SIDEKICK Data Handler: Reconfigurable and Autonomous for Advanced Oceanic Missions

The SIDEKICK pod by Bellamare is a versatile and user-friendly data handler designed to revolutionize oceanic research. SIDEKICK is not only a data logger; it’s a multifunctional tool capable of operating as a controller and a decision-maker, suited for a range of advanced tasks and missions. Its autonomous nature, coupled with the ability to be queried or broadcast information, makes it an indispensable asset in the field of marine science.

With SIDEKICK, deploying a custom combination of oceanic sensors becomes a task of ease and efficiency, empowering researchers with the flexibility to adapt to various research needs. Whether it’s one mission or many, SIDEKICK’s reconfigurable design allows for a seamless transition between different sets of instruments.

Key Features:
  • Reconfigurable Design: Easily adaptable for different missions and sensor combinations.
  • Autonomous Operation: Capable of performing advanced tasks independently.
  • Versatile Functionality: More than a data logger, SIDEKICK serves as a controller and decision-maker.
  • Custom Code Integration: Compatible with custom MatLab, LabView, or Python code for real-time, in-situ data acquisition and processing.
  • Efficient and Reliable: Ensures accurate data handling with confidence in various oceanic conditions.

Empower your oceanographic research with the advanced capabilities of the SIDEKICK Data Handler. For more information or to see how SIDEKICK can enhance your data acquisition and analysis, contact us today.

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